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Ministry of Law and Justice: Stop Emotionally Forced Marriages

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We are born in a country where an 18 year old has the right to vote, but not the right to choose the person he is willing to spend his life with. It is highly unacceptable how can the same person develop an understanding to choose the leaders of the Nation when people feel that he does not even have an understanding of his own life.

Parents raise us with the best morals. It is disheartening to see shattering of these when they ask to leave that person in order to marry their choice. It is even more traumatic to see how parents act and react when they get to know something like this. It is really beyond understanding what goes wrong with their system when such things come up in families. Emotional trauma is used as a tool here, YES to blackmail . But isn’t this trauma applicable to us too?

Involving the family at the right time becomes a sin when the parents are unable to digest this. A tensed aura in the family is created, to develop pressure, finding ways to diverge the brain through all possible means. Culture and Religion are the major cards played in defending parents' defiance for their child's decision. Do they really stand relevant in this century too? Do we not send our kids to multi-cultural learning environments to learn co-existence? When we see implementation of this in our families, it seems like a cultural shock. Why?

Parents set their expectations right from the time the child is conceived. Marrying an individual of their choice is one of the greatest expectation among these. But really, are such expectations valid enough and do not defy any other existing individuals right?

Children are raised with the mentality that girls have to marry off, but boys have to stick to their parents to take care of them. Why? Does the girl’s parents not grow old and need enough care? What sort of things are these? Why are boys here given this reason too (invalid though) in order to reject his selection of life partner and accuse that this companionship would not succeed in long run? 

Families are involved in marriage to add to the happiness of the couple, not to add to the turmoil. Families are involved because we want them to stay with us and vice versa in all good and bad times. This should not be used against the willing. If the two adults or even one if them is not happy with the union, there is no meaning to the best of best arrangements. Marriage should be a result of an ongoing relationship between two individuals, not an injected arrangement. 

Forced marriages are already illegal. But people have ways to implement their wishes. Emotional pressure is the worst thing that anybody can deal with.
India is a multi-cultural land, and when more and more citizens not only hear but  understand this, this place would a much beautiful place to live, devoid of hatred and differences. Let what we learn in our schools, be implemented in our lives and be our source of confidence. 

Please bring a law to stop Emotionally Forced Weddings. Bring this change for a better and harmonious living. 

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