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Male victims of Domestic Violence Act

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Laws are made for the protection of everyone. The government had enacted laws like Domestic Violence Act, Prevention of women from sexual harassment in order to ensure their safety and to protect them.    

But unfortunately many are misusing these laws. I know many men who suffered because of these laws. Many women and their families frequently misused such laws. They took the wrong advantage of laws given for their protection and frivolously file false complaints. 

One of my known's wife and her family pressurized the boy and separated his parents from him and later on, she flew away from husband's home without telling him. She is living separately from a very long time. And when his parents asked to resolve the issue, lady and her parents threatened to file false dowry cases and harassment cases on them.  

There are many such cases where men are falsely acquitted. I am not saying that all women are the culprit but nowadays many are misusing it. So, please support the cause of enacting laws for the protection of men too from such false cases.   

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