Make Raksha Bandhan Law - Apply Raksha Bandhan and Avenge Rape

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In India we celebrate RAKHI since ancient times much before this nation was formed much before many scriptures came to exist.

 This Rakhsa Bandhan is to protect sisters and loved ones from any danger to the women’s dignity modesty and safety.

 During those time it was not limited to just protecting or ensuring safety but also avenging any harm done to the sister.

 Current Law, with all the respect to our judicial system only put 7 years imprisonment as a punishment to the act of raping a woman.

 This current law, if allowed to be construed within the framework of freedom of expression, constitutes to quantifying woman’s dignity, morals, modesty and tries to give it a material value proposition by applying few years of imprisonment.

While we believe rape or any crime on women’s modesty is not something to be put a punishment value upon. It is something which should be eradicated and the legit way of eradicating it is to cease the existence of the culprits.


So we suggest the following:

Make a Rakhi Law (Raksha Bandhan Law) with these points.

Irrevocable rights to the women to defend and avenge their rape and molestation.

Irrevocable rights to brother/s to defend and avenge their sisters rape and molestation.


Options for Victim:

Right to freely put an end to the life of her rapist.

Give him choices.

Order the brother to exercise his right.

 Of-course as per the constitution we cannot directly kill the rapist but only if he responds to the brother’s or victim’s confrontation.

Options for the brothers:

The person who has tied Rakhi to the victim and has any evidence of the same should intercept confront the rapist.

Upon asking him to willfully surrender to law if the person argues or respond in threatening manner then use necessary action to neutralize the culprit.

If the rapist is injured and or succumbed to his injuries, then it should count as dignified Rakhi avenge and not a murder.

Options for the culprits: (But Final “go ahead” given by victim)

Willingly give up life.

Castrate himself.

Be labeled as Rapist and not have any children willingly or be sterilized by will or force.

Misuse Prevention and Remedies

Upon Misuse by a woman or her brother,Death by lethal injection to the culprits involved.

A fast track committee should be appointed which can deliver the complete law and its application on or before Raksha Bandhan of 2018.



There have been attempts to attach religion, faith or culture with such incidences. It is to note that these acts if organized and carried out might be by sick minds of beneficiaries, be it extremists or politicians. It does not mean these acts are sanctioned or allowed by any religion or culture.

This has to be clearly understood while drafting and finalizing this law.

Since India is the only country where Raksha Bandhan originated and is in full practice. It is time to make it into a law and practice RAKSHA BANDHAN Rather than just celebrate it superficially.

Upon successfully reaching its numbers, this petition will be submitted to the Ministry of Law and Justice to submit it to the Chief Justice of India or  in an appropriate apex court or The Supreme Court of India to MAKE THE LAW OF RAKSHA BANDHAN.

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