Government of India, please make laws gender neutral.

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Recently Kalpesh Yagnik, Group Editor, Dainik Bhaskar, committed suicide by jumping from the terrace of his office building. He was apparently being harrased by former woman colleague, who was threatening him to lodge a false case against him of harrasment, if he didn't reinstate her in the job. Despite telling her, that this decision is not in his hands, this lady continued with threats. Mr. Yagnik even met senior police officers, and gave them a letter saying, if this lady lodges a case against him, he should be heard before taking any punitive action. He was under tremedous pressure because of this woman. Finally, unable to bear the threats and withstand the pressure, Mr. Yagnik committed suicide.  

There have been many such cases in India in the past of such nature, and will continue in future, due to absense of gender neutral laws, and where women criminals are treated with kid gloves, because they are women. Due to laws favouring women, often complaints aren't lodged. Even if they are lodged, it takes years for innocent men, to prove that they weren't at fault, due to slow judicial system. On the contrary, at the slightest disagreements mostly, but not limited to marital isses, women often lodge false dowry complaints, and also under draconian domestic violence act, where police have to arrest accused immediately, after receiving the complaint, as per the law. Even if men are not at fault, they have to pay huge money to women as compensation, in absence of gender neutral laws, to settle these cases, which is completely unjust, lands them into debt trap, and disturb them mentally.  A two judge bench of the Supreme Court, asked police to do preliminary verification of complaints, before arresting the accused in Domestic Violence act, however the matter is under reconsideration before a larger bench of the Supreme Court. Few people filed a PIL before the Supreme Court, to direct the government, to frame gender neutral laws in order to prevent abuse of these laws, however the Supreme Court turned down the PIL, and asked petitioners to approach the government. 

It seems that, government is yet to wake up to this larger social issue, which is creating havoc in the society, and isn't taking steps towards having gender neutral laws. Friends, please join me in appealing Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Honourable Law and Justice Minister, Government of India, to consider having gender neutral laws, or at least establish a committee, to look into the matter, which can include eminent jurists, government representatives and NGO representatives which work for men rights as well as women rights to have balanced deliberations.  

Video trailer courtsey: Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj, former journalist and filmmaker, fighting for men's rights, from her YouTube Channel (Film: Martyrs of Marriage)