Death penalty to rapists: Justice to the victims.

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Just a simple act. An act in which one sees pleasure and another torture. An act where the offender gets away with but the victim always has their head hung down in shame. An act where instead of providing the victim with justice we provide them disgusting stares as if they 'called' for it.

The urge of ending the Rape Culture is as real as it gets. Any one who commits this brutal crime does not have the right to be alive as they have already destroyed the life of someone. 

Almost everyday a new Rape case is filed, an old one is neglected and some of them not given any justice at all because there was no proof for it.

Rape has become a culture.Its because it has become an ideology, and once its becomes so, it defiantly becomes a culture!  

•Vibha Rao, chair of the Chhattisgarh State Women Commission commented:
"Women display their bodies and indulge in various obscene activities. Women are unaware of the kind of message [their actions] generate."
•Bhopal IAS Aspirant gang raped for 3 hours, accused took tea, gutka breaks.
•A 10-year-old girl was found pregnant after being repeatedly raped by her stepfather in Haryana.
•A 21-month-old baby girl was raped by a 40-year-old man from her neighborhood in Delhi's Gandhi Nagar area.
•A woman in Ludhiana drugged her 16-year-old daughter so that her two other friends could take turns in raping her. While the duo raped the girl for the last 5 months, they even got her 3-month foetus aborted.
•Dharamveer Goyat, Hisar Congress spokesperson commented:
"I have no hesitation in saying that about 90% of the girls consensually go with men and become targets of rape,".
These are some of the comments made by our very own people and some of the Rape cases that should have caused an awakening among the citizens long back.

We need our people, the people of our country to be safe and it won’t happen until we take an action. Examples are many but voices are none. So lets take a challenge to change this culture. Lets sign a petition to out leaders at center stating the voice of our county. Let us tell them what India wants. Unless there are some harsh laws against this crime, nothing will change. Because its in the mindset of people who commits it.
Therefore we demand death penalty for rape. Let’s provide justice to the victims.
Please sign the petition and support the right cause!

Rashi Singh