Changes in law for punishing rapists and molesters.

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Hello everyone, I am a ordinary Indian person and till now I didn't even care about any problems faced by a rape victim but it's true you start caring when it gets personal. One of my friend got molested by a bunch of guys in her college and the news updates of rapes in india over last few months made me do this. I just want to convince the government and law department to make certain changes in law for these rapists which would make anyone else think a thousand times before committing such crime and if they can't do it kindly give them for public prosecution. Many families don't report rape because they are afraid that the criminal would get cleared. Kindly create a jurisdiction which would ensure that these people get a tougher punishment rather than a 5-7 year stay in jail. PLEASE SHARE AND PROMOTE THIS PETITION DON'T WAIT TILL IT GETS PERSONAL TO YOU TOO.