Free internet access for all Cubans!

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To forbid internet access violates the right to information and freedom of expression and it impedes economic and social development.

The goal of this campaign is to demand Raúl Castro, president of the Cuban State Council, that for once in his life place the Cuban people's interests above his haggard and inefficient ideology, and allow all Cubans free access to domestic Internet services at reasonable prices, with modern technology and free of censure and surveillance.

We need to collect many signatures so that Raúl Castro cannot ignore this demand.

We are not asking you to sign a document against the Cuban revolution, nor encouraging you to support any opposition leader, religious or political organization of any kind (of left or right wing), instead we are asking you to sign this civil effort so that Cubans can enjoy Internet access and you can contact them and see their reality for yourself.

Because you have Internet access and they don't, please sign this demand and spread the word. Raúl Castro Ruz: free Internet access for all Cubans!