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Ratification Of UN Convention on the Law of Sea

People and communities urge US President, Congress and Senate toi ratify UN Convention on the Law of the Sea to strengthen and advance meaningful social values such as Law Of The Sea for the common good; enhance national as well as global security; protect national resources and interests as well as fostering global resources sharing and mutual interests; advance and sustain global peace and harmony; advance military flexibilities, capabilities and effectiveness as forces for good; support and uphold UN Charter and principles as core members; promote collaboration and understanding within UN and globally; opportunity to lead, act and emancipate globally; support alliance and foster peace; support UN to establish global civility through the rule of law rather than conflicts or wars; opportunities set good global social values examples and leadership ; and advance the common and greater good.


For further information on UN Convention on the Law of Sea, please review:

Law Of The Sea: A National Security That Unites Us:


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  • President Of United States, US Congress and US Senate

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