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deliver rat chicken bites to the richter library

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Hi all,

I am a Sophomore at the University of Miami. Like many students, I love The Rat: the music, the energy, the beautiful weather, the QUICK service. But mostly, what has stolen my heart at this fine establishment, is the buffalo chicken bites. I would spend exuberant amounts of money for these lovely morsels of fried chicken nuggets, dipped in a delicious hot/buffalo sauce, served with love and a "can i wring you up yet? my shift is about to end". Lucky for me and many other chicken bite aficionados, this decadent dish is offered at $6.99. We are so blessed to live in 2017.

However, there is a slight problem with The Rat and its perfectly crafted chicken bites: its target market is college students. What I have learned in my almost 2 years at this school is that students are serious about their studies. Where better to be serious about one's studies than the Richter Library? Here is where projects are crammed, essays are written, organic chemistry is cried over and eventually learned, and A's are created. Time here is crucial and not to be wasted.

Here is where the issue lies. Students love chicken bites. Students hate studying. Anything to lessen the pain of endless finals, would do huge things for the overall morale of students. So here I ask, no, BEG you, fellow students of the University of Miami to come together with me and petition to have The Rat deliver its impeccable chicken bites (and other dishes) to the Richter Library, for of course a small additional delivery fee. 

Let's make Richter great again and let whispering on the 2nd floor live on. Sign my petition for a small ray of happiness (chicken bites) on your finals doom.

Thank you,

Amy Grundleger

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