Loss of Jobs @ Tata Teleservices

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Tata employees protest at the massive job losses and insecurity created at Tata Teleservices!

Tata takes pride in its mission to improve the quality of life of the communities it serves, and its visionary Human Resource practices in the past like provident fund schemes, leave with pay, crèches for working women etc. Yet today Tata has no qualms about seeing thousands of young employees who believed in the group and their future cast out of work, and lakhs of family members thrown onto the streets!

Tata announced they would transfer their wireless business to Airtel and justified the throwaway price for the transfer by saying the employees would find a new home, but we are aware that no plans are being to accommodate the over 5000 colleagues who work in the wireless sector at Tata. Reliable sources tell us not more than 100 people will be accommodated in Airtel, that too in remote geographies in Africa.

A separate offer of a management buy-out led by our colleagues, which offered to protect our jobs on the fiber side of the business, has also not been pursued to the best of our knowledge, and instead every effort is being made to transfer this business to the failing Tata Communications, which will as its first action terminate many of the over 2000 employees working here.

Tata has built a very big brand in India for its empathy and care for its people. We see this empathy and care missing in the way we are being treated.

Register your support for our appeal to Ratan Tata and the Tata leadership to save our jobs and the quality of life of lakhs of innocent people, in keeping with Tata’s values and ethos.

When we joined Tatas, we were taught that Tata always takes care of its own employees, and even when businesses are divested, assurances are taken from the new owners on the security of jobs for the transferred employees. Join us in forcing Tatas to stay true to their business philosophy!