Aadhaar must not be compulsory when we have other Govt. certified and verified ID proof.

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Against Supreme Court orders and despite repeated outcry from several sections of the society, the Union Government has been imposing Aadhaar for various essential services such as the usage of mobile phones and for paying Income Tax. We, the citizens of India, have enrolled ourselves in the voter list and also have several other legal documents such as a birth certificate, driving license, PAN card, passport, etc. There are many people do not wish to apply for an Aadhaar card for different reasons, some of us feel violated when Aadhaar is used for commercial purposes (as Know-Your-Customer) which could enable data trackers to gather a lot of personal information, some of us don't like such information being in the hands of private companies, others question the security of that information from hackers (a lot of Aadhaar related information has already leaked without even hacking), other people may have other reasons. The Government may have intended to root out corruption by making a single UID but a computerised system is capable of linking accounts to a person without Aadhaar. If good governance and anti-corruption was their only motive, the Government would've made passports (since they are police verified) or voters ID mandatory instead of giving private companies the contract of collecting and storing personal information of citizens. Some of us fear that this act of enforcing citizens to link and authenticate every action related to telecommunication, banking and economic transactions could lead to a possible future where we'll be bound in an authoritarian and oppressive State where every action of every citizen will be monitored by their Aadhaar number and such a State could easily curtail those who disagree with the actions of the ruling party. This implication threatens more than our privacy, it threatens our freedom and democracy itself.

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