Leave OUR Rent Control Ordinance ALONE! Stop unfair RENT INCREASES! Prevent displacement!

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On March 7, 2017 at 10am at Newark City Hall, the City Council will have a FINAL vote to amend our current Rent Control Ordinance. The proposed changes passed unanimously on first vote 7-0 (James, Amador, Ramos, Quintana, Osborne, McCullum, Chaneyfield-Jenkins). Oppose any changes to the Rent Control Ordinance NOW or lose this ordinance.


1) I OPPOSE RAISING RENTS THROUGH VACANCY DECONTROL - the council's proposed changes are a backdoor attempt to sneakily transform a fair, Substantial Rehabilitation section into a Vacancy Decontrol section that will give landlords huge profits for small improvements. The current law allows fair means for landlords to obtain rent increases AND it incentivizes great improvement of the city's old housing stock. Vacancy decontrol encourages landlords to push tenants out in order to obtain further rent increases.

2) I OPPOSE PENALIZING TENANTS WITH EXTRA COSTS TO FIGHT RENT CONTROL BOARD DECISIONS - if you wish to appeal a decision of the Rent Control Board, the council's proposed changes will a) require you to pay a fee to file in Essex County Superior Court and will b) most likely require you to pay for an attorney. Otherwise, if you wish to represent yourself, you will be held to the same standards as an attorney and you will be expected to make arguments according to law. Under the current ordinance you can appeal to the Newark City Council and avoid those costs while fighting for your rights!

Gentrification is the process of introducing improved amenities and wealthier folks into an area. Gentrification results in displacement. The proposed changes will raise rents and make Newark unaffordable to lower income people. We demand HOMES FOR ALL!


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