Punish the vegans who created a disturbance at a Melbourne steakhouse.

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On January 29th 2018, thirty-five activists from Direct Action Everywhere Melbourne and Melbourne Cow Save Animal Liberation Army entered the Rare Steakhouse on King St in the Melbourne CBD at around 6.30pm “to speak up for animals where their dead bodies were being consumed”.

Patrons at the Rare Steakhouse, who only wanted to enjoy a nice meal, had their evening disturbed by these people whose sole purpose was to criticise and shame those who prefer not to eat a vegan diet.

Just to be clear, choosing to eat a vegan diet is not a crime, everyone has freedom of choice to eat what they want. What these people are guilty of is disturbing the peace, harassment and creating a public nuisance. Also, they have made their intentions clear to continue this appalling behaviour at other establishments.

These people need to fined and/or jailed (not for too long though, let’s be reasonable). They need to be made an example of to discourage other vegans from following their example.

Everyone, vegan and non-vegan alike, has every right to enjoy the foods they like to eat without being harassed about it.


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