Better and unique fights against Skeletonlords in SoT

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1. Due to the healthbars being invisible and their high base health it sometimes feels like you don't make progress and for that reason the deaths seem sudden. 

The fights difficulty doesn't increase and are therefore very repetetive 

 2. All Skeletonlords have the same abilities because of that any Skeletonlord is technically the same boss.

They're losing their personalities by having the same fight. 

Solution ideas:

1. They're getting some unique attacks

2. At 25% HP the Skeletonlords will enter a 2nd phase. They should get new moves while keeping there old ones. This would make the fights less repetetive and every fight and skeletonlord unique. 


Because Briggsy is the first boss I think it's ok that she keeps the 3 abilities. In her 2nd phase she could start hovering this should enhance her shockwave. The idea of her hovering comes from her shockwave attack and death animation.


Because he uses a sword in the 7th chapter and is presented on the SoT website and the preview of the 8th tale with his sword too, he should use this sword in the fight. Instead of throwing his crate of ancient bonedust on the ground after spawning skeletons he should throw it at you. In the second phase he could use his sword in one and his blunderbuss in the other hand. He could also get a move consisting of a slash, shot, lunge combo. Perhaps he could make 3 shockwaves in a row increasing in size from small to normal instead of the current one. Or maybe smash two crates of ancient bonedust together which sets the bonedust free, he then blows the bonedust in your face for the poison debuff.


Reskin his sword into his shovel because he was always presented with a shovel, we never saw a sword, even the goldhoarder figurines are wielding his shovel. After he buries himself he could attack 1-3 times from the ground before reappearing. He could get one more ability in which he smashes his shovel on the ground causing a tear shaped shockwave in front of him. When he enters his second phase he throws 3 of his goldbags in different directions every goldbag causes a shockwave he uses this move once when reaching the 25% HP threshold. In the second phase his shovel slam is enhanced with a small radial shockwave pushing players in melee range away from him. His dig could be upgraded by leaving a short lived coin vortex that deals damage like a mermaid statue.