Stop punishing my son for his hair

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I couldn’t be more proud of my 11-year-old son Ashton. He recently set a goal for himself: Ashton wants to break the Guinness World Record for longest hair, and then donate the hair to kids with cancer. What parent could say no to that? Ashton had been growing his hair out for almost 2 years when his school, Rapides Parish, said he couldn’t return to school until he cut his hair. We were shocked. Ashton, a great student who had never been in trouble, was being denied his education because his hair was too long.  

Ashton's school should be applauding him for wanting to help kids with cancer, not punishing him. Schools should not use hair length to determine whether or not a child is fit to attend. Tell the Rapides Parish School Board to end its policy on hair length.

In this day and age, I never thought the length of a student’s hair would be a concern of our public schools. I never imagined a beautiful goal could get him expelled. Had Ashton been a girl, this wouldn’t be an issue. That is wrong and I will not allow my son’s dream to be crushed because of an outdated policy.

Ashton is a good kid. He gets good grades and is always on his best behavior. My son stands up for other kids when they are being bullied. These should be the things that the school should use to measure whether he is fit to attend classes. Instead, the school wants to measure his hair.

With your help we'll not only make sure that Ashton can realize his dream of helping kids with cancer, but also end an outdated policy that discriminates against students based on their hair length. Please join me by signing and sharing the petition today.

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