Game of Thrones Season 8, we want a new script with better writing!

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Hello there, havent seen Game of Thrones season 8 yet? I know there are just 4 episodes out for now but it doesnt feels like Game of Thrones at all, but like a DISNEY-Hollywood-Blockbuster-Superhero-Movie, David and Dan ruined the last season so many ways! We want them to rewrite the scripts with the Help of GRRM and some other Game of Thrones Nerds, that really know every detail of the world of fire and ice.! The story has to become the perfect experience of watching it all the way till this S8 now ! Every vote counts so lets save the LEGENDARYs´t TV SHOW EVER!!!!! Its not too late to change the history of westeros and we really need the "Bittersweet" ending they promised us! And more Details about the night king ! Dont let the best production ever ending with the worst season in TVs history. Im not gonna lie : we had some good moments too but too manny issues with some "Plot Amor moments", some Charakters got really dumb i mean : HOW IN THE SEVEN HELLS WOULD DAENERYS FORGETT ABOUT THE IRON FLEET or WHY IS BRONN SUCH AN ASSHOLE IN THIS SEASON! The actors are making a reaaaalllly good Job and the music of Ramin Djawadi is the best part of the season in my point of view! so get up, lets save our Favorite drama-fantasy show!!!!!