Rape - Prevention is infinitely better than Conviction

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Rohit Suri
1 year ago
Its important

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Anup Ar
3 years ago
pledging intolerance on harassment

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shashi rajashekaraswamy
3 years ago
It is the best way to adapt against the most ghastly act on womenhood !

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Bill Clearlake
3 years ago
Too many of my female friends and family members have been assaulted.

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Rose Eiseman
3 years ago
Because I’m a rape survivor and never got my justice

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Clover Ross
3 years ago
Too many people I know have been affected by sexual assault. I will do whatever it takes to put an end to it.

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Manohara KS
3 years ago
As per Gandihiji's famous quote "India will be free when the women feel safe to walk in the streets of India in the midnight", I am looking forward for a positive response by signing here.

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Anita Kanitz
3 years ago
"We are the heroines of our own history. "
Mary McCarthy (1912-1989), American writer & women's rights activist

"I write for those women who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because they were so terrified, because we are taught to respect fear more than ourselves. We've been taught that silence would save us, but it won't."
-Audre Lorde

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

There are many hate crimes against females:
femicide, FGM, acid attacks, breast ironing, witch hunts, widow murders, dowry murders, honour killings, rape culture, gang/mass/war rapes, sexual, mass and domestic murder, sexual and domestic violence, forced and child marriage, sex slavery, forced prostitution, child prostitution, child rape and abuse, sex trafficking, human trafficking, abductions connected with rape, forced marriage and murder, sexual torture, street/workplace/campus and school harassment, Eve teasing, catcalling, taharrush gamea, tournantes, forced childbirths, executions and punishment of female victims, stoning, lynching, stalking, cyber bullying and bullying, daily misogyny and hate speech, verbal and mental abuse, sexism, forced dress codes, lack of human rights/contraception and education, forced abortions and violence during childbirths, violence by doctors against females, forced dangerous sexual practices like BDSM, women hating in all religions!

Brutal and Worst Rape Cases in United States!

Murder and rape of Heather Rich:

On October 2, 1996, Heather Rich was gang raped on a remote bridge in Texas at midnight. Rich was a 16-year-old girl from sophomore high school in Waurika, Oklahoma. She was driven to the crime location by three young men, two of them her schoolmates. She went to her boyfriend’s, where he had already been drinking with his friends.

Rich was in a state of severe intoxication following a session of heavy drinking, when she was sexually assaulted and raped by two of the men while semi-conscious, with the third her boyfriend also admitting sex but claiming Rich had consented. Fearing a rape prosecution, Gambill decided to kill her and persuaded the others to help him. Rich was shot nine times on the bridge, and her body dumped in the creek.

Recy Taylor Case:

Recy Taylor. 24 years old, was an African American woman from Abbeville, Henry County, Alabama. On September 3, 1944, on her way from church, six white men attacked her. One of them was U.S Army private Herbert Lovett. Six men abducted her and took her into the woods, where they devilishly raped her at gunpoint. Taylor helplessly begged them to return home to her family.

Even after those men admitted the rape to authorities, juries subsequently declined to indict the men, meaning no charges were ever brought against any of Taylor’s assailants. In 2011, the Alabama House of Representatives apologized on behalf of the state for its failure to prosecute her attackers.

Cheryl Araujo case:

Cheryl Araujo, 21 years old, was gang raped in New Bedford, Massachusetts at the age of 21 in 1983. The incident took place in a local tavern where few men forced her and brutally raped her on a pool table. Eventually, she fought off the attackers and ran almost naked right into the street, screaming.

She was rescued by some students passing by, who took her to the nearest hospital. This is one of the few cases in which the name of a rape victim was disclosed openly, causing serious tension among the media worldwide. She died after a few years in a car crash.

Megan Kanka case:

Megan Kanka was just a 7 year old girl when she was black-heartedly raped and murdered by her neighbor named Jesse. K. Timmendequas. The convict lured and coaxes her into his house and then raped and killed her. On July the 27 1994, the world remained shocked by knowing this heartbreaking story.

Following this incident in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, U.S government introduced the Megan’s Law, which makes compulsory for the law enforcement authorities to make information available to the public regarding registered sex offenders. Jesse was later sentenced to life imprisonment by the New Jersey Legislature for his brutal and inhuman doings in 2007.

Worst sex crimes:

Dana Ireland:

By all accounts, 23–year–old Dana Ireland would have been successful at whatever she chose to do with her life. But she didn't get that chance. On Christmas Eve, 1991, in Hawaii, U.S., this blonde–haired, blue–eyed young woman set off on her bicycle. As she was riding back to the holiday meal, three local youths decided to celebrate Christmas in a different way. They followed her in their car, then rammed her bike, kidnapped, raped, and beat her, and left her for dead on an isolated spot overlooking the ocean. In a community where many residents left their doors unlocked, people were shocked and terrified by this random, brutal act of violence. Worse still was that if the authorities hadn't taken so long to get to the victim, she might have lived. As months and years went by, frustration turned to outrage when police failed to arrest anyone for Dana's murder. But from his home in Springfield, Virginia, John Ireland started his own dogged investigation and crusade for justice. And nine years after his daughter's murder, after one of the most complicated cases the state had ever seen, three men were convicted.

The shocking true story of the murder of 23–year–old Dana Ireland and the nine–year investigation that became Hawaii's most publicised murder case.

Jessica Carpenter:

December 6, 2011: Details about the August 2000 heinous rape and murder of 17-year-old Jessica Carpenter, the agony her family suffered and the paralysis the community endured while investigators painstakingly sought out her killer have been documented as part of an episode of the Discovery Channel's "Cold Blood."

The family of slain Aiken teenager Jessica Carpenter spent last week with a Discovery Channel production crew recounting details of the 17-year-old girl's life, brutal 2000 murder and the criminal proceedings that eventually led to the arrest and conviction of an Airborne Express delivery man.

She was killed on August 4, 2000 in South Carolina, U.S..

Jessica Carpenter's mother, Judy Carpenter, said the family agreed to meet with the Discovery Channel crew knowing the interviews would be difficult.

"It kind of re-opened everything from years ago ...," Carpenter said. "It was hard and difficult at times, but I think it will be a good thing to keep the public aware of predators that are out there among us."

Jessica Carpenter's murderer, Robert F. Atkins, now 40, was arrested more than two years after the teenager was found dead in her home. Investigators matched DNA evidence collected at the crime scene with Atkins' DNA, who was arrested in Georgia for an unrelated crime.

Other than to answer questions from those who ask, Judy Carpenter said she doesn't think about Atkins.

"Since we have closure and he has been sentenced, I have moved on," she said.

Gladys Conrad:

Gladys Conrad, 84 years old, was killed either Friday night, August 31, or Saturday morning, September 1 in Carlsbad, California, U.S.. Her friends in the retirement community became concerned on Saturday morning when she didn’t show up for their regular card game. One friend, a retired dentist, opened the unlocked front door of Conrad’s apartment and found her. Conrad had been cruel beaten, raped and strangled to death.
Years went by. The case went cold.
On April 11, 2004, at about 11:00 p.m., a 64-year-old woman was walking home from her job at a convalescent hospital in Los Angeles when she was attacked. Ramira Joves said a man knocked her to the sidewalk and tried to strangle her and tear off her clothes. She screamed and struggled, and the man beat her, breaking her thighbone. During the struggle, Joves bit her attacker’s hand. Blood from his hand stained the front of her shirt. Los Angeles investigators obtained a DNA profile from the blood, and the profile was a match with the Carlsbad murder suspect. “That put us in touch with LAPD homicide-robbery division,” said Harvey.

But neither Carlsbad investigators nor Los Angeles police had a name for their suspect.

The man both police departments sought was brought into a Los Angeles courtroom in 2007. On June 24, 2007, Alejandro Fernandez appeared before a judge on a drug-related charge. The sequence of events is unclear, but Fernandez may have been released into a Prop 36 program, which allows nonviolent offenders to get substance-abuse treatment instead of jail.

Prop 36 is a voter initiative approved in 2000. Skeptics complain that fewer than half of the people released into this program show up for any treatment at all. Fernandez may have failed to show up because three months later, he was arrested on an outstanding warrant, according to Harvey, and while Los Angeles police had him in custody, they “collected his DNA per the nature of the warrant.” After we found out where he was in Mexico City,” said Harvey, “what I did was, with the DA’s office in San Diego, we got a provisional warrant for him to be arrested.”

Mexican authorities took Fernandez 2009 into custody.

Richmond High School Case:

Richmond High school situated in Richmond, California, U.S, came into media scrutiny after a school student, 16 years old, was brutally gang raped within its boundary. It was late night on 24 October 2009, when a homecoming dance was organized in the school. A classmate of the victim, invited her to join some of his own friends. They were having a small party in a dark courtyard.

Here, she consumes a high amount of alcohol (brandy), then she was propositioned for sex by the alleged offenders. Following her refusal they beat her to an extent that she became semi-unconscious, then continuously tortured and raped her for more than 2 hours. According to report almost dozens bystanders witnessed the act, but did not call for help.

Worst Rape Cases The World Has Seen:

The Houston gang rapes:

The 1993 rape and murder of 16-year-old Elizabeth Pena and 14-year-old Jennifer Ertman is considered the most vicious gang rape in Houston, Texas' history.

On the night of the attack, the two girls were trying to make it home before an 11:30 curfew. The shortcut they took over a railroad bridge brought them face-to-face with a gang drinking beer and initiating a new member.

Pena and Ertman were grabbed and gang raped for an hour before they were murdered. Authorities were led to their bodies through a tip and a call to the police by a brother of one of the gang members who had boasted about what they had done with the girls.

According to CBS News, “Of the six people convicted…five were sentenced to death.”

Cyber bullying and gang rape ends in suicide:

Rehtaeh Parsons’ suicide that was a result of cyber bullying earlier this year sparked international attention. The 17-year-old Canadian was allegedly gang raped two years in 2011 before her death and photos from that night had been splattered across social media, prompting incessant harassment from her peers.

According to Huffington Post, two of the boys connected with the event are being charged with child pornography charges.

5-year-old raped in India:

A five-year-old girl died April 2015 in India after being lured to a farm by one man and raped by another. She fell into a coma after the men attempted to stifle her cries and never regained consciousness. She passed away from cardiac arrest two days later.

According to the Washington Times, the two men involved were arrested and subsequently charged with the crime. She was the second five-year-old rape victim in India within a few weeks.

Ukrainian woman raped and set alight by three:

Oksana Makar, an 18-year-old Ukrainian, was raped March 8, 2012 by three men. After sexually assaulting her, the men attempted to strangle her and then set her body on fire. She was found by a construction site alive and still alright. Makar later died from the injuries she sustained.

According to the BBC, Local authorities caught the three men involved, however two of the three, who were well connected in the area, were released with no charges. After a national outcry, the two released men were re-arrested and charged with premeditated rape and murder.

The Delhi Bus Rape:

India and the world were horrified over the gang rape of a 23-year-old woman on a bus December 2012. According to a report by CNN, she was accompanied by a male friend who was beaten and left unable to help her as six men including the driver attacked her.

He told reporters that the men beat his friend and used an iron bar in the sexual assault. They drove the couple through the city for nearly two hours before finally dropping them off beneath an overpass. The man suffered a broken leg and could not stand. It was about 25 minutes before they were finally able to get help. The young woman died two weeks later from internal injuries.

Now, the fate of those accused of this crime dangles in the eyes of the world with several calling for the death penalty. According to a New York Times article, “In a rush of emotion, the Indian government amended the criminal code so that the death penalty could be applied in particularly brutal cases of rape.” The sentencing in this case will test the judicial system of India, which has only passed the death sentence down to three people in nine years.

Stalking, bullying, sexual harassment:

At High School I was bullied, harassed, stalked and defamed by a narcisstic male classmate (a real douchebag). There were rape threats too.There were bystanders, because if a girl didn't want sex with guys, which are interested in her, then is something wrong with her. She is stupid and not normal, so they said.

At my workplaces I must terminated three times my workplace, because there were rape attempts, sexual harassment and bullying by horny collegaues and bosses (male idiots and dickheads). The male idiots had helpers, because women are sluts and men are men, so they said.

My perverse Muslim Australian ex-tenant (a real chicken shit) is stalking me with his friends for 13 years. The stalking includes rape threats, death threats, tracking, burglary attempts, slandering, cyberbullying, mailing of rape mails, rape and revenge porn videos of other females, hacker attacks, telephone terror, damages to property. His friends called me a slut and a whore and a Femnazi.

The reason was in all cases that I showed these men the cold shoulder, women and girls are not sex toys and sexual garbage.

Our future must be to blame and punish the culprits not the victims! Blaming the victims is not the solution, but it's common worldwide!
Victim blaming is not only done by men, victim blaming is also often done by other women. How can a woman in this world be so stupid to be not on her own side?

Many women worldwide take part on FGM, femicide, female infanticide, sexual/domestic violence and murder, widow murder, killing of rape and violence victims, school/campus/workplace/online harassment, forced prostitution/rape porn, rape culture, sex slavery, witchhunts, dowry murders, honour killings,acid attacks, forced and child marriages, stalking, abductions, hate speech and victim blaming. How can a woman be so stupid not to be on her own side! What a shame!

When you grow up as a girl, it is like there are faint chalk lines traced approximately three inches around your entire body at all times, drawn by society and often religion and family and particularly other women, who somehow feel invested in how you behave, as if your actions reflect directly on all womanhood.
M.E. Thomas, Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding in Plain Sight

Feminism isn't simply about being a woman in a position of power. It's battling systemic inequities; it's a social justice movement that believes sexism, racism and classism exist and interconnect, and that they should be consistently challenged. Jessica Valenti

There's a remarkable amount of sexism on TV. When male characters are flawed, they're interesting, deep and complex. But when female characters are flawed, they're just a mess. It's good to put more flawed but interesting female characters out there because it promotes equality. Ellen Pompeo

For the perpetrator, rape lasts just a matter of minutes. For the victim, it never stops.
Fredrik Backman, Beartown

Mass sexual assault is the collective sexual assault of women, and sometimes children, in public by groups of unrelated men. Typically acting under the protective cover of large gatherings, victims have reported being groped, stripped, beaten, bitten, penetrated and raped!

Mass sexual assault in EgyptIn Egypt, several mass sexual assaults have received wide international coverage. In Arabic, the term "mass sexual assaults" translates as تحرش جماعي (taḥarrush jamāʿī), often incorrectly transliterated in the media as "taharrush gamea" following a German police report into the 2016 New Year's Eve sexual assaults in Germany.

New Year's Eve sexual assaults in Germany

During New Year's Eve celebrations 2015/2016, incidents of mass sexual assault and numerous thefts occurred in Germany, mainly in Cologne city center.

See also: 2012 Guwahati molestation case, 2012 Mangalore homestay attack, Eve teasing, and Blank Noise.

Several cases of mass sexual assault have been reported in India. In July 2012, a teenage girl was sexually assaulted for up to 45 minutes by a large group of men outside a bar in Guwahati, Assam. No one intervened until the police arrived.

During the 2002 riots in Gujarat, targeted violence against Muslim women and children documented by civil society groups reported "mass rapes, live burials and burnings, acid attacks, impaling, and other brutal forms of torture that was deeply gendered, and linked violence against women with violence on their children – both born and unborn". Survivors reported "that sexual violence consisted of forced nudity, mass rapes, gang-rapes, mutilation, insertion of objects into bodies, cutting of breasts, slitting the stomach and reproductive organs, and carving of Hindu religious symbols on women's body parts.[7] The Concerned Citizens' Tribunal, characterised the use of rape "as an instrument for the subjugation and humiliation of a community".

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”
― Desmond Tutu

Organized hate campaigns are for example bullying with internet harassment and online slandering. Stalking, cyber stalking and bullying,,online stalking, online harassment connected with defamation and identy theft, the enhanced form of bullying has increased alarmingly worldwide and also the cruelty to the victims is very frightening. Many destroyed lives and suicides, especially among children, adolescents, young girls are very much the case. Stalkers are felonies, cowardly, psychopathic, sociopathic, sadistic, brutal and capable of anything. I know that as victims and as a member of a victim organization. It is important to establish support centers for victims, it is important to create very hard for stalker laws with long prison terms. It is important to recognize stalking as a felony and condemn the perpetrators as felons. Stalker lay hands remarkably often on women living alone, young girls, to students, children who are going to school and chat, families with children. It makes them fun to destroy lifes, it makes them fun to get people to commit suicide, it makes them fun to make people emotionally, professionally and personally broken. This has to end, soul murders should be sentenced as future physical murder.In addition, it really should be possible to stop Cyberstalkers, in my case this is not done and I am now in no social networks.I've been myself stalked and bullied for thirteen years by an soziopathic and psychopathic ex-tenant and all his friends.

Violence against women and girls is major public health and human rights issue that has for too long been denied the attention and concern of international organizations, national governments, traditional human rights groups and the press. Only recently have governments and the international community acknowledged the prevalence and scope of violence against women and girls. Meanwhile, hundreds of millions of girls and women around the globe continue to endure debilitating and often fatal human rights abuses.

Together we can create a better world, if we only want to do it.
Zusammen schaffen wir eine bessere Welt,wenn wir es wollen.
Ensemble, nous créons un monde meilleur, si nous le voulons.

Better to light a candle, than to rant against the darkness.
Es ist besser, ein Licht anzuzünden,
als auf die Dunkelheit zu schimpfen.
Mieux vaut allumer une bougie
que de pester contre l'obscurité.

"The greatness of a nation can judged by the way the weakest are treated."
"Die Größe eines Landes kann danach beurteilt werden, wie die Schwächsten behandelt werden."
"La grandeur d'une nation se mesure à la façon dont elle traite les plus faibles"
- Anita Kanitz