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RAPE is NEVER okay!

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Rape is a huge issue in this country and I've personally learned that in the state of Pennsylvania is one who strongly needs more guidance on putting these monsters behind bars. Recently the law was changed that rape victims have more time to come forward and press charges on their attackers. But only to have their case fall through the cracks. Some areas, in Pennsylvania, still have law enforcement that are careless and focus on murder cases rather than rape cases. I have personally experienced this in Reading Pennsylvania; Berks county. I was attacked by my child's father that I was not in a relationship with at the time. After 3 years waiting on DNA and a detectives work on my case I was told they could not pick up my case since it was my word against his. Basically saying it's okay if someone you were intimate with before can, tie you up with a gun to your head and a knife on your thigh, rape you. I was questioned for a long time, traumatized by the event and by the detective. But this man still walks till this day. Just as a murder victim it felt like my life was taken away. I had to drop out of school, move out the state, and move my daughter and brother with me. Going through all this for the detective to forget about evidence that was essential and not care cause he didn't have superiors at the time who would check on his work. I know of a younger woman in the same county who was taken in a vehicle and went missing for 24 hours. She was raped by someone who was familiar to her and this man also still walks this day. I do understand some woman can fake an attack ( I have no idea how they could) and mess a mans life up completely but that does not give these detectives the right to treat us, real victims, like scum and not help us find justice. This is their job, and yet it's too difficult for them. I need to help areas like berks county to have a special victims unit and training. I need detective Michael Hope out of the system or out from taking rape cases in Berks county! With this petition I hope to get my case taken seriously and for the head district attorney to take my case. I need help from everyone. I've tried to deal with this on my own and the system has failed me and failed so many others. Even internal affairs have yet to get back to me on my complaints. Please sign and spread the word. Thank you so much!

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