Hard punishment for corruption in Govt Sectors

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In India the main problem is the politicians and the govt  job holders. We know very well that 90% govt job holders are not working efficiently compare to a private sector.

Please give them all the facilities but make sure they give 200% output and that also with purity.

I targeted govt sector because they take decisions for society, they make rules their decision and working way affect the society. 

We can remove the cast system and should give reservation based on financial background, now the question comes who  will decide their financial condition.

for that i have a solution that a particular govt post should given this responsibility, he will examine and give the certificate and should do this every year and renew the certificate.

and if his any certificate find to be wrong the certificate holder and the authority who have signed should be punish with all cruelty.

That's the only solution to end this things, corruption etc.

We have to  punish hard. if we give discount they will loot us.