Rent Relief for Stacks Residents

Rent Relief for Stacks Residents

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Abby Lee Hood started this petition to RangeWater Real Estate

The Stacks on Main is an apartment building in Nashville, TN affected by the March 3rd tornado. After the tornado, residents went one week without power, heat, or air conditioning.

Since the tornado, COVID-19 has made conditions even more difficult. Many tenants have lost work or their jobs completely, and Rangewater continues to refuse to hold up its legal responsibilities included in residents' leases.

Residents currently do not have:

-HVAC, which is guaranteed in our lease. We are paying for services not being provided.

-Amenities, including the gym, exercise classes, coffee lounge, club room, office package lockers, pool and outdoor areas, rooftop skydeck and more. These amenities are guaranteed in our lease, and we are paying for what we can't access.

Staff are working hard

Let's be clear: our staff have been amazing; they are working round-the-clock to provide comfort and security. The individuals who work daily in this building are part of our community and we appreciate them.

Corporate response to the tornado

The larger, national, multi-million dollar management company has given little to no response. During the week following the tornado, we had one security officer working around the clock; Rangewater made it loud and clear resident safety was unimportant.

They could have brought in additional security to a facility that was dark, unsecured, and in which every single door from the parking garage was left propped open for days. Our front door was a piece of plywood.

It was sheer luck the looters in the neighborhood overlooked our building. 

The decision to bring in a generator took several days, even after it was clear we wouldn't have power for quite some time. We are told it will be a month without heat or A/C, causing issues for many residents. After the tornado, other buildings in town put residents up in safe hotels to prevent these problems. 

Corporate response to COVID-19

Lastly, the most important and challenging part of the debacle: we have no income.

Many residents have reduced hours or have been laid off. Freelancers are seeing clients cancel or defer payment. 

Rangewater has a legal responsibility to fulfill leasing agreements. It is NOT doing so at this time. While Rangewater certainly didn't cause COVID-19 and we are grateful they are complying with CDC recommendations to reduce group gatherings, the lack of compliance with lease agreements surrounding HVAC and amenities requires and necessities rent relief.

One would hope that beyond legal responsibility, Rangewater might employ individuals who care for residents who are out of work and cannot pay rent.

However, a conversation with a Rangewater representative proved otherwise, as we were told we should be grateful Rangewater is not filing eviction notices "at this moment in time."

We are asking for:

- Compensation due to Rangewater's refusal to comply with leasing agreements that ensure HVAC, a secure building and amenities.

- Beyond what is legally required, for Rangewater do the right thing by giving rent relief to all residents during this difficult time in which many have no income in sight.

-Guarantees that no resident will be evicted in the coming months due to lack of payment if they have lost employement because of COVID-19

Help us support the community and come together as neighbors 

Please consider signing, even if you are one of the lucky few unaffected financially by COVID-19. Many of your neighbors are struggling, and Rangewater, a giant corporation with abyssal pockets, has the resources to help.

But we must come together and present a unified front if any of our neighbors are to receive relief.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!