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Allow Klein Collins girls to feel more comfortable in their learning environment

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Klein Collins is an excellent school with great teachers, staff, and students, but there is one issue that many students would like to see resolved. Many girls feel very uncomfortable about the way Klein Collins enforces its dress code policy. We understand that the staff are very diligent about performing their duties for the sake of the school, but our dress code enforcement involves certain administrators standing in the middle of the hallway, carefully scanning every single girl walking toward their classes, which is very uncomfortable for the students and can also be interpreted as offensive, leading to many complaints. Girls who have undergone this ordeal and have been marked as "out of dress code" are then forced to go to the office, where they must wait for a change of clothes, even if it takes hours, which is a huge detriment in their learning. Their parents are pulled from their busy workday to bring their daughter clothes to cover herself because apparently her shoulders or thighs are so distracting that Klein believes the boys will not be able to receive an education. Many girls have felt shamed and humiliated, and this experience leaves them distracted from their studies as well, even more so than the boys.

Boys should receive more credit than they have been given, because these are our peers and most, if not all, give a lot of respect to the girls in their school. It is insulting to everyone to think that they are not mature enough to be around girls wearing shorts or tank tops, especially since our elementary, middle, and high schools have taught them to become proper and virtuous students. Our male population is surely constantly exposed to females wearing shorts in many public places, such as the grocery store, library, swimming pool, etc, and will not think anything of it. The few males who are not mature enough to keep themselves in check will act lecherously no matter what a girl wears, even if she is completely covered.

We are not asking for anything extreme, and would be very grateful if you would consider agreeing to any of these simple requests and/or making a reasonable change for the good of our students.

1. The ability for Klein Collins students to have the same courtesy that is extended to other Klein schools. Many students from Klein Collins have witnessed students from Klein High, Klein Forest, Klein Oak, and Klein Cain wearing Nike shorts that are quite a bit shorter than mid thigh with no consequences, while those at Klein Collins are required to wear Nike shorts that are mid thigh and the rule is strictly enforced by certain administrators, with many girls dress coded regardless. We would appreciate it if we were allowed to wear Nike shorts in Klein Collins with no fear of punishment due to the "mid thigh" rule except in more extreme circumstances.

2. We would appreciate if students were able to donate a few school-appropriate clothes that would be kept in the side office as an option for girls whose parents absolutely cannot bring them clothes or will take a very long time to arrive. This ensures that girls who were really dressed inappropriately will not miss too much class time, as that would affect their right to an education and could negatively impact their future, and it does not make sense that their learning be jeopardized by a poor choice in wardrobe.

Thank you for your consideration. We are very appreciative of all that you do and would like to wish you the best.

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