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chatham buses need a overhaul

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chatham transit needs to have a complete overhaul.  The city subsidised it out and the company that has the contract isn't keeping up with the times that is on the schedule.  The transit system here is late every day by 10-15 even up to 30 mins during a route.  I have been consistently being late and I cant count on them being on time.  Also the bus system here ends the schedule at 6:15 pm during the week but doesn't run on Sundays like the city shuts down after 7 when it actually doesn't. There is businesses that are open late like Walmart 10:00 pm, the movie theatre last show usually ends at midnight, YA Canada runs till 11 pm and Coincentrix is 24/7 and all in different ends of the city.  it takes me 45 mins to walk home from work after I finish work at 7pm or later which I shouldn't have to do.  also taking a cab costs me $16 one way which I definitely cant afford.  The issue is the adherence to the bus schedule doesn't matter on weather or road conditions its always late.  I would want the buses running later then 6:15pm which needs to happen as there is job that finish later also on Sundays.  if you are a young woman working at Walmart or McDonalds or coincentrix or YA or tech Savvy and need a bus u cant take one after 6:15pm which is ridiculous and not safe.

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