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My son went to the Emergency room at local hospital and said he was suicidal on August 30, 2011. RANDY WANTED HELP. But he was discriminated against. He was ,diagnosed with bipolar , depression, anxiety, and was not on his meds.( Many people who are bipolar stop taking their meds ). Im sure he was frustrated He no doubt felt the medical profession let him down.. I feel he was discriminated against as he had been in the past a drug user which may have been a precursor and so by not admitting him, they released him even though he told them of his plan on how he would end his life. They sent him away. A few hours later he intentionally ran out on an interstate in front of an oncoming semi. My son is dead. He left his 10yr old daughter and her older sister, along with a stepson behind along with other family members. If they had admitted him right then (and he couldnt sign himself out ), got him on his meds and stabilized him, which takes at least 3 weeks, my son would be alive today.  A month or so later, the Medical Examiner told me Randy had nothing in his system that would influence his actions that evening.Randy was my first born child and very much wanted. Not only did this ER neglect my son, they have devastated me and our family for the rest of our lives. This MUST be stopped. I am sure Randy isnt the only one hospital ER's have turned suicidal people away. Once someone comes in to an ER and say they are suicidal, there must be a mandatory 3 week hold on them to get them stabilized.. PLEASE help other Mothers and family members from losing  their child or loved one. It can be done with your help. RANDY DIDNT WIN IN THIS LIFE, HELP HIM WIN NOW !!.  PLEASE SIGN RANDY'S PETITION. Thank you !  
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