Randwick Council to improve the safety of the intersection at Dudley & Byron Sts Coogee

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1. Vehicles frequently drive on Dudley Street through the Byron St intersection at speeds above the legal limit (60 km/h) making it difficult for pedestrians and vehicles to safely cross the intersection, and for local residents in Dudley St to safely egress from their garages and parking spots. 

2. The above issue is further worsened by reduced visibility of oncoming traffic from either direction in Dudley St. This is due to a blind spot due to the angle of the road and also the hilly terrain of the area. 

3. The above issue is also worsened by the close proximity of the intersection of Thomas and Byron Sts resulting in added confusion by drivers and pedestrians as to who has the right of way.  

4. There have been numerous near miss accidents with vehicles and pedestrians as a result of the above 3 points. 

5. Suggested solutions from concerned local residents include:

a. Installation of a roundabout at the intersection to reduce confusion for drivers, provide safe passage for drivers crossing Dudley St from Bryon and Thomas Sts and to reduce speed of traffic from East and West Dudley St. 

b. Installation of pedestrian islands at the intersection of Dudley, Byron and Thomas Sts to provide safe passage at the intersections. 

c. Installation of speed humps in Dudley St to reduce speed of oncoming traffic at the intersection.

d. Installation of convex mirrors to assist with visibility of oncoming cars (recently rejected by Randwick City Council as per below).

The issue was previously raised with Randwick City Council (ref D02760143) and their response was as follows:

Randwick Council generally does not support the use of convex traffic mirrors on the public road as the image of an approaching vehicle, reflected in a convex traffic mirror, appears smaller and further away. It is also difficult to perceive the closing velocity of approaching vehicles and darker coloured cars are often quite difficult to distinguish in convex mirrors during low level light conditions (dawn, dusk, storm events etc).

In addition, an analysis of the crashes at the intersection of Byron Street and Dudley Street, Coogee, reveals that there have been no recorded crashes in the five year period from January 2010 through to and including June, 2015.

Given the volume of traffic and the site conditions and the frequency of crashes occurring at the above intersection, no action deems necessary at this time.

As a result of the above response, we are urging local residents to now sign this petition to highlight to the council how many people are directly impacted by the issues caused by this intersection. 

By signing this petition you are acknowledging this safety risk and agree with the above solutions and are requesting Randwick City Council to prioritise this risk and to provide a swift solution before a serious incident occurs.