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BAKER PARK, Corner of Dudley & Carr Streets, Coogee.

From 1730 through to 0630 Coogee Dog parks are unsafe for resident dog owners, family members, dog walkers and their beloved pets. The designated dog parks do not provide sufficient light to see your pet and approaching strangers or sufficient fencing to protect them from the roads and potential traffic.

Residents are walking dogs from around 0500 each morning and through to 2100 at night.  I know this, as I am just one of the Coogee residents that walks my pet during the "night" or "dark" hours.

As pet owners, we already have to abide by many rules and regulations, so when it comes to SAFETY, we should at a minimum not have to worry about our pets or our own while visiting any of the local dog parks.  Without light to watch our pets, we worry whether they will stay within a safe distance.  Without adequate fencing to protect them from the roads, we worry they may run onto the road and be struck by a car.

Like most pet owners, my one year old dog Rocky is my family member.  His SAFETY is my NUMBER 1 concern.

Let's get together and stand up for what our pets deserve.  A SAFE park to play in.

Please sign the petition to have Randwick City Council action installing lights and fencing at Baker Park, Coogee and further surrounding dog parks.