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Stop a private commercial enterprise from appropriating public land through scare tactics

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I am writing to highlight what many local people feel to be a backhanded method by Claremont college in Randwick to obtain further land by using the excuse of pupil safety to apply to Randwick council for a partial closure between 8 am to 4 pm of rate payer funded roadway Judge Lane.

Judge Lane runs between the main building of Claremont College on Coogee Bay Rd, in the past the college has purchased former residences and converted to school buildings in the full knowledge that access could only be obtained via crossing Judge Lane.

Council within the last year and without consulting local ratepayers undertook traffic calming measures in Judge Lane to appease Claremont College request to close Judge Lane.

On 25th May 2017 Claremont College wrote an impassioned plea to Randwick Council to apply a partial closure to a section of ratepayer-funded road on the grounds of child safety.

A so-called consultation process was then initiated on 14th July, yet local residents were only informed of this application on 21st July! Yet the cut off date to register a yay or nay is 9th August.

To register any opposition, ratepayers were required to register with the council website and complete an online survey form.
I believe this so called method of consultation by passes many members of the community who do not have access to a computer, or may not be computer literate etc

Claremont college are using the sympathy factor of concern for children's safety as an excuse to privatise public ratepayer funded roadway! what they want is to expand their footprint at the expense of local residents using children's safety as a cover! 

This Land grab will affect not just the immediate neighbours to the school but the entire surrounding area! 

I also believe that the risk to pupils and staff is grossly over exaggerated, I say this as my unit overlooks the roadway!

Randwick Council should apply the recommendations in their own Traffic Committee meeting of 14th June 2016 and also include a floor painted “Zebra Crossing”


Earlier this year the college purchased a residence at the extreme east end of Judge Lane in their belief that the previous owner was the main objector to their previous requests for closure.

We, the local people who wil be affected by this l land grab need your help and highlight what many feel to be a devious method of land acquisition by Claremont College reminiscent of the state grabbing 520 homes for the POW redevelopment site.
Yours truly
Bernie Roberts

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