Solar-Powered LED Pedestrian Crossing Signs for Dangerous Maroubra Road Crossing

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On Maroubra Road near the corner of Flower Street, there is a pedestrian crossing poorly placed across Maroubra Road. The problem we have is that roughly 40% of cars don't stop/don't see or realise the crossing is there until the last minute. This causes a lot of worry for pedestrians who do not want to get hit by a car. What I believe is the main cause of this problem is that the crossing is situated just over the other side of a long and slight incline in the road. Due to the position it's in, it makes it very difficult for drivers to see the lines on the road before they are already over the lines. The signs on the other hand are difficult to see when driving up Maroubra Road heading East due to the sun in their eyes and vice-versa when heading west back down Maroubra Road in the late afternoon.

Now the pedestrian traffic is growing due to new cafes and shops opening around the crossing. Also there is a Bupa Aged Care facility across the road which has high pedestrian activity due to family meets and visitors attending the cafes now. The local public and myself are concerned someone will not get seen crossing the road and will get struck. This includes families, little children going to and from school and the elderly, who may take a little longer to cross. I myself have seen multiple drivers screech to a halt when they realise someone is crossing last minute or just not stopping at all and cutting off the pedestrians crossing the road. Honestly I have seen this happen multiple times a week as I work in a nearby shop.

Due to people being in a rush on the roads more than ever now, the pedestrian activity growing quite fast in the area and more people being distracted, this needs to be addressed before someone is killed. I would like the local council (Randwick City Council) to take a good look into this in the hope that a change can be made for the local community.

There may be a few possible solutions to this but I think a simple solution will suffice. The easiest and most affordable way would be to erect a set of Solar-Powered LED Light-up Pedestrian signs. LED lit pedestrian signs would significantly reduce the chance of drivers not being aware there is a crossing ahead. As well as being solar-powered to reduce electrical costs for the future. The community would like to see some action in regards to this before a loved one pays the ultimate price.

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