Save Coogee's heritage homes from being demolished

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Our beautiful historical and heritage homes are slowly being demolished for development - we've seen it all over Sydney and slowly we are losing more and more in our peaceful beachside suburb Coogee.  We saw it recently with 48 Dudley Street and now 38 Dudley Street is under threat, along with others on Dudley and Mount.

Those who live in the area or visit the parks up on the hill (Baker and Leete Park) will notice a row of federation homes right opposite the park.  These homes are fortunately on the Heritage Conversation Area list (

38 Dudley St and the rest of the homes beside it is the first lot of homes right after these homes.  They’re not opposite the park but still reflect the federation and historical style of all the homes before it.  It builds on the heritage streetscape of Dudley Street.

38 Dudley St was recently sold last year.  Some of us neighbours have spoken on separate occasions to the new owners about future plans of the property.  We were glad to hear they had no plans of demolishing the property and was pleasantly surprised to see they had conducted internal renovations to improve the property.  Hence our shock when last week (20 July 2018) one of us received a folded up letter in the mailbox to advise of the planned demolishment of the whole dwelling.  A CDC application had been submitted (ie no intention to submit a DA), with a determination made within 14 days.  The letter advises that no submission can be made with respect to the application.

The story further unfolds when we found out a resolution was recently passed to consider the inclusion of 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 Dudley St and 122 Mount St Coogee on the Heritage Conservation Area.  The decision has not been made yet however. Fortunately, we were able to notify Randwick Council and Chancellor Murray Matson in time and now a motion is underway to ensure 38 Dudley St receives a fair chance in being assessed for its heritage value and place on the conservation area (via an Interim Heritage Order which prevents the owners from undertaking the sudden demolishment works).

Council will be exhibiting a draft Local Environmental Plan from next Tuesday 3 July 2018 for one month. They urge all supporters of retaining Coogee’s heritage homes to both put in submissions and to let other fellow Councillors know that you are doing it.

This petition is for everyone who cares about Coogee and in general Sydney’s beautiful federation homes.  Whether you’re on the way to the bus stop, or going for a walk, the quaint suburban feel we can still experience in this metropolitan city is precious and let’s try to keep it that way!