Keep Clovelly Beach Carpark for Bikes

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The Clovelly beach carpark became the centre of  healthy and supportive community activity during the COVID lockdown with local children biking, scootering and skateboarding all while maintaining social distance practices. Parents had a much needed outlet to connect with other parents. It felt like the 1980s again where kids had the freedom to safely ride bikes and build their independence riding around the space, increase their fitness, all away from screens. Parents were part of a connected community that provided much needed mental health relief from the pressures COVID restrictions. 

The solution - turn two lanes of the carpark into a safe dedicated space for kids to use their bikes and for parents to connect with their community. Shut off the lanes with moveable bollards that can be removed for the busy summer peak period if needed. Undertake a risk assessment to ensure bollards are located to allow safe access for children on bikes.

Why do this - health and fitness of kids, build a healthy bike riding culture, time off screens for everyone, maintain the wonderful connection to community. All of this also builds a strong outlet for managing mental health issues associated with the current COVID restrictions. It also allows the surf club to continue to manage traffic flow in the busy summer period.