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When it comes to Animal Birth Control (ABC) in Bangalore, one name that is very well known is Dr. Akshay, Chief Veterinary Doctor and Trustee of Sarvodaya Sevabhavi Samstha. Being an AWBI trained ABC vet, and having over 50,000 sterilization surgeries under his belt, it is a tragic and cruel irony that he has been falsely accused of corruption and negligence, by the authorities, just a few days ago. To add insult to injury, Mr. Vinay Morey, founder and fellow trustee of Sarvodaya, has held Dr. Akshay responsible for the baseless allegations, attacking the integrity and professionalism of the doctor, who has an impeccable and clean service record. The accusations against him range from usage of expired medicines, to using medicines meant for government veterinary centres, to non-treatment of injured dogs at his ABC centre. The very presence of an injured dog at an ABC centre shows that Dr. Akshay goes above and beyond his duties to serve the animals.

Dr. Akshay's awards and honours speak for themselves:

  • Certified for Animal Birth Control Surgical Protocols by Vets Beyond Borders, AWBI, Humane Society International And Government of Australia
  • Advisor Board Member of Help Animals India
  • Speaker at Asia for Animals Conference, Kathmandu, 2018
  • Outstanding Veterinary Leadership Award by Help Animals India
  • Administered rabies vaccine to 50,000 dogs in 30 days for Mission Rabies India
  • * Lead successful ABC/ARV program in Udupi, Mysore, Mandya, Madikeri, Hassan, Mungod, Bangalore and Sarnath.

Not only awards, but Dr. Akshay has also won thousands of hearts by his dedication, compassion and most importantly, his simplicity and honesty. Now, when he stands all alone and isolated, our signatures on this petition are needed the most. I stand with Dr. Akshay in this difficult time.

I address this petition to Mr. Randeep Singh
Joint Additional Commissioner (Admin), BBMP, to investigate every member and employee of Sarvodaya for the allegations, and the restoration of Dr. Akshay's reputation.

I present this petition to you, fellow citizens, that you too can show your solidarity, by signing, and by sharing this petition as widely as possible so that we can obtain a record number of signatures for this campaign.

Let us do our bit to prove Dr. Akshay’s innocence once and for all, and undo the tarnishing of his reputation by the authorities and Sarvodaya.

Today, #WeStandForDrAkshay

And write your testimonials on all the good work done over the years by Dr. Akshay to westandfordrakshay@gmail.com