Randalls should charge 10¢ Per non- reusable bag to fight plastic waste and greenhouse gas

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Safeway, the owner of Randalls encourages shoppers to switch to reusable bags. (http://csrsite.randalls.com/to-1-billion-and-beyond but they have not taken action themselves to switch over. Randalls has 44 supermarkets in Texas alone; 29 in the greater Houston area. These numbers will only continue to grow with the amount of plastic bags used. Randalls should take action like other Texan supermarkets, HEB. HEB is starting to take steps into a cleaner future. Let us use this petition to motivate Randalls to make a difference!

Have Randalls charge ¢10 per non-reusable bag. This has been to show have customers use fewer bags and possibly bring their own instead.