Remove Camp Namegans Campers from Goldstream Campground

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Remove Camp Namegans Campers from Goldstream Campground.

To date, in the other locations they've inhabited, there have been issues with them using drugs, destroying property, theft, making explosives, leaving human waste in public areas, fights, ect. 

As of yesterday, September 18, 2018 - they moved to Goldstream Campground and now this area is extremely unsafe.  

It is unsafe because of their drug use, destroying property, theft, paraphernalia and needles left behind that we will never be able to find. Children play there and children are curious. 

While camping in Goldstream Campground a child is hurt. The child was curious of the shinny, thin object they just found in the forest. Child picked up the object and sees it's pokey. Child pokes themself (or friend) to see how sharp it is. Child gets whatever is left on the needle.

Child finds a small bag of something in the playground. The bag has a 'candy' in it. Child takes the 'candy' out of the bag and eats it. Child dies. A family loses their child forever.

The risks of letting them stay include:

1. Land damage, old growth forest damage, damage to the rivers ecosystem.

2. Public safety. Families young and old live in the area. Children play in the playground and on the trails. 

There is also an elementary school close by which could also be effected if there are predators among the "campers" who have an interest in children.

By signing this petition you will help our community protect ourselves and beautiful lands we enjoy. 

These folks need to be removed and not permitted to live there.  The damage that will happen in that time is unfathomable.