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Sensible approach to minimizing school shootings

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I'm a parent of two children who have attended two school districts where fatal school shootings have occurred. I have yet to see a common sense, low cost and non-invasive approach to the problem, so after talking to friends, neighbors, other parents, educators and law enforcement I have a possible solution that has not been talked about. It doesn't ignore the root of the problems and can be implemented into any and all school districts.

Peer counseling! Bring college students into high schools to be mentors for children. High schoolers don't want to talk to teachers and counselors but they will open up to a "friend". The teens have someone near their age to vent to and won't feel like they are tattle tales for talking to their mentors. 

The college student gets credit for their involvement and acts as a liaison between the students and the administration. With more trusted eyes and ears there is less chance of a problemed child slipping through the cracks and becoming a shooter or committing suicide. 

We also need more education for school staff on how to recognize and address problems and how to help these kids before they feel they have nowhere else to turn.

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