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Prohibit Sharia Law Implementation

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Liberty and Decorum Initiative (LADI)

About Us and Our Mission Statement           

           When people think of America, regardless of any particular political or other perceived or imagined division(s) that may exist, most think of a few basic freedoms. We think of the freedom to worship as one chooses or declines, leaving such matters between God and man, not God, man, and a third party. When people reflect upon America, even if with contempt, it is known that America is a place where the freedom to speak exists. This includes unpopular and even offensive speech, as proven in the infamous case of Larry Flynt. There is a wrong way to live, but so long as no harm is being done to anyone, nor to anyone's belongings, then those in America are free to live largely as they will in terms of worship and morality. While a seemingly misguided life is never to be encouraged, it is not upon the powers of the state nor of a third party to prevent it, so long as the basic tenants of the Bill of Rights are not infringed upon. Also, no one may be forced into any practice, religion, nor affiliation for any reason.

            We know that there are examples and arguments to show that the “American experiment” has sometimes missed this stated goal, but by and large, America remains a beacon of freedom. Sadly, there looms in America a lurking threat, and that threat is known as “Sharia law.” While most Muslims in America tend to be of a peaceful nature, there is in some circles a growing faction of the Islamic culture, known as Islamic radicals, or Islamists, that are choosing to embrace the tenants, and even the outright practice, of Sharia law. While it is both legally and morally impossible to mandate that no one can practice Sharia law if chosen, it is the stated mission of Liberty and Decorum Initiative (LADI) to make it the stated law of the land that Sharia law will never be recognized, acknowledged within any legal authority, recognized in any Congress, Senate, or statehouse in the nation, nor in any other way, shape, matter, or practice be allowed to hold any standing in the American legal system at any level. Also, no one who practices Sharia law may be allowed to run nor hold any public office.

            It is our mission to see that it is the stated law of the land to reject Sharia law, and that this stated law of land cannot be revoked. It is also our mission to see those who wish to depart any previously chosen Sharia law based lifestyle are given the pre-determined right to exit the dwelling, community, or like system of Sharia law that may exist on a voluntary basis at any time with no punishment nor repercussion of any kind. It is our mission to see that any such repercussion is disciplined to the fullest extent of the law.

            It is also our mission to educate the people of the United States and of the world about the threat that radicalized Islam poses, as well as to demonstrate how Sharia law is usually first introduced as “acceptance and tolerance,” yet in mere months, can become mandatory, with severe punishments doled out to those who refuse or disobey. It is therefore our mission to see that Sharia law will never have any such introduction into the United States, it's legal system, or it's culture.

           Below are some of the atrocities that are done in Islam’s name. Please keep in mind that some of the things that are done to those found guilty under Sharia law are too ghastly and gruesome to write since the descriptions would need a “Hard R” or “X” rating just to print. Therefore, the descriptions below, no matter how gory, are greatly tamed down in content.

* It is common to have one’s hands cut off for theft

* Lashes/stoning for adultery (zina)

* Death for apostasy & homosexuality

* Severe punishments for both drinking and smoking, even if done socially and not habitually

 These drastic punishments are the result of a three tier system in Sharia law that are as follows;

* Hudud, which are crimes against God with fixed punishments

* Qisas, defined as crimes against Muslims in cases where equal retaliation are allowed

* Tazir, which includes crimes against Muslims or non-Muslims where a Muslim judge useshis discretion in sentencing.

It is for these reasons and many more which one can find with even a cursory bit of research that we ask you, for the good of humanity, to please sign this petition. We also ask that you share it on your social media sites and encourage others to sign.

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