Down with Kentucky Pound Seizure

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Pound seizure is the legalized sale or seizure of shelter animals for the purpose of dissection, vivisection, or experimentation in research or education. Though seventeen states and the District of Columbia have banned pound seizure, Kentucky still allows municipalities and individual shelters to decide whether or not they will release animals to labs. 

Aside from subjecting animals to unspeakably inhumane conditions, the practice of pound seizure challenges the integrity of shelters and loses the trust of those surrendering animals. Rather than risk their pet being surrendered to a research facility, many people abandon their pets, leading those animals to face starvation and other threats to their survival. 

In addition to promoting increased rates of animal abandonment, pound seizure decreases shelters' commitment to securing adoptions for the animals in their care. With a market already available for their animals, shelters are less likely to seek out adopters, especially when an animal meets the specific requirements for a particular lab or institution.

In order to abolish pound seizure in the state of Kentucky, the practice must be outlawed and not left to the discretion of municipalities. Shelter animals are deserving of the same dignity one would pay to a favorite four-legged companion. No shelter animal is safe while pound seizure is in effect.