Ban Islam from USA

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We need to stop the PC culture appeasement and finally stand proud for our country against enemies foriegn and domestic. We need to face the issue of Islamist in our country. Some call them radical Islamist, but Islam is by definition an enemy to all who do not share their value of jihad against those who don't believe in their God and Mohamed. The more we stand aside and let the "nice" and "good" Islamist enter our land the harder it is going to be to hold on to our right and traditions. Islam is not a religion of peace. The Koran explicitly says all who are nonbelievers must die. There is no grey area. We allow freedom of religion in our country, but not if that religion hinders my right to practice my religion, or if a religion is used to kill free people on our land. We all need to educate ourselves on this matter and have the courage to stand for what is right.

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