Bridge the Gap: Cordova Police, Brian Fowell & Elijah Tufano Learn Civic Duties Together

Bridge the Gap: Cordova Police, Brian Fowell & Elijah Tufano Learn Civic Duties Together

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Adalis Velez started this petition to Rancho Cordova Police Department Family of Elijah Tufano

 A petition for change 

To the Chief of Police Kate Adams, 

We're writing to talk to you about Officer Brian Fowell and Elijah Tufano. There’s a high probability this could happen again and it’s time to find deeper solutions so our youth won’t turn into police officer hating adults.  We want to recommend a better solution to this problem, one that could possibly be a more human approach that could pay dividends to all future police officers everywhere and begin to bridge the gap between communities and those who have sworn to protect them. 

We'd be lying if we said this better idea popped into our minds first. At first We wanted Office Brian fired. We thought about our children as we watched this video.  It didn’t matter to us that we hadn’t seen how it started. All we saw the brute force being used on an unarmed, scrawny child. We jumped to conclusion with an angry solution, FIRE HIM! But after WE gave myself sometime to think WE realized both this young man and the officer started off just doing what they do, one being an adolescent teenager and the other being a man that serves the law, but somewhere in the process things got out of hand. 

Often times when these videos go viral people are quick to say, “But you didn’t see what started it.” WE think that’s a dangerous statement because it has an underlining ideology that isn’t supposed to be there to begin with.  Without realizing it the people who say that statement as well as the people who believe it are making a huge mistake.  Officers by definition aren’t supposed to decide how a punishment for a crime is carried out. Being people of the law they’re supposed to deliver the criminal to the judge and jury.  In reality these actions make officers look like vigilantes that take law into their own hands, poorly choosing violence to fight crime which in turn only creates more injustice towards their communities and their own colleagues.

Officer Brian being relieved of his duties or sent to another location isn’t a solution it’s a bandage, a co-pout, a cover up to the real problem that doesn’t solve anything.  This doesn’t show empathy for either side and it feeds anger and bitterness.  Brian Fowell and Elijah Tufano should be used to set an example. 

Their “punishment” should be to have to work together, learn from each other about their civic duties and share the message of justice and law. After seeing Elijah on video he seems years older than his age and deserves and apology. Officer Fowell deserves a chance to redeem himself. A noble career choice as an officer shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet because he let his emotions get the best of him. We are all just human. 

Here are a list of ways Officer Brian and Elijah can start to work together:

1.       Learn about and from each other, Eg. Officer Brian: Why did I allow a young unarmed man get me to the point of using excessive force? Elijah: Why was I selling/buying cigarettes, and why did I feel the need to resist though I knew my actions were wrong?

2.       A dual Apology from both parties

3.       An act of Forgiveness

4.       An act of Community service that can unite both the officer and young man in a show to bridge the gap between police and public relationships

5.       Work together to publicly speak about how and why these situation escalate and what both side can do to strength the relation and bond with law enforcement and the community.

P.S. (from a mother ) I remember as a child the fire department would visit us and teach us how to signal to a fireman that we may need help and how we could maneuver our way to safety. The same needs to be done for officers.  But for any of that to work our kids and their parents need to trust them again.

To the future of law enforcement: The mental evaluations of the people volunteering to be in these positions need to be more stringent and capable of weeding out those who can’t exercise strong controls over their emotions and biases.

WE hope that you can take our suggestions into consideration whilst dealing with this unfortunate circumstance. Out of this negative situation can rise something great and positive for all communities involved. 


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