Ranchi University-Cancel Final Year OFFLINE EXAM

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The petition is about ongoing situation of the Final Year Examination that is going to be held by the Ranchi University in OFFLINE MODE in this global pandemic. The Apex Supreme Court of India confirmed that no University can grant certification to a final year student without conducting exams but they haven't specified the mode of conducting the exams because of which there is trouble in understanding of students and the University authorities. Our University, Ranchi University, has provided us with the routine/information of Final Year Exams that is going to be held in OFFLINE- MODE, and is arising a great number of problems as listed below:-
1. A large percentage of the students of our university are non-residents of Ranchi and have vacated their boardings (hostels, lodges, PGs, etc.) due to the ongoing pandemic. Almost 95% of the students are not present in the city at the moment. And having to shift back again to Ranchi, which is a major containment zone would be highly difficult and nearly, impossible.

2.Most of them are from Odisha, Bihar and WestBengal which is badly hit by the flood, which is yet another reason to conduct the exams online.

3.Some students live in containment zones where their buildings, apartments, quarters are sealed, further adding to the list of problems students would have to face.

4. There are other students who live in different states from where the transport facilities are completely cut off.

5. Making students arriving from all these different pandemic struck areas live here for more than 14days will also endanger the lives of inhabitants of Ranchi as it is a major containment zone.

6. Students who have already vacated the hostels or pgs are finding it difficult to get shelter and food facilities in between of covid19.

Now, if the students are not present here to give the exams and there is no safe way to come here, how are we supposed to give exams? Because of so many problems that a large part of the students might have to face and still be unsafe greatly shows that conducting offline exams at this moment is going to create many ill-effects that can't be cured.This is a difficult time and conducting offline exams while putting so many lives in danger is risky. We request you to support in our initiative to protest against administration so that they take reasonable decision that will not affect the students as well as the general public poorly. We humbly suggest you to protest and contact the University authorities to conduct our examinations in the ONLINE MODE, saving the lives of thousands of people as well as protecting our future.

PS- Sign and share it to every department groups of RU. We need to stand together and show the Univ and student union that we are against the offline mode. This petition has this sole purpose. Thank You