We want strict action against all these online bullies who mentally harass people .

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This petetion is against cyber bullying, harassment and rape threat which people give online which leads to anxiety and depression. 

A group of boys from Ranchi ganged up together and bully a boy Mayank (@mayankkk_209) on Instagram who defended BTS ( a Korean boy band) in an homophobic Instagram page (@_noobsterg__) to throw a light on how ' men without beard' and transgender people are bullied in our day to day life.

He put a story Instagram ID to 'stop spreading hate in the name of meme and that someone's sexual orientation isn't something to mock or laugh about'

And then everyone started targeting him, cussing him, abusing, giving threats including rape threats as well in mass group.(Proofs attached)

Everyday a mass number of people face bully online which leads to anxiety and depression. A lot even loose their life .

Thus, we request you to take strict action against these bullies so that it can be a lesson to people who give threat without fear.