Stop leaking our pictures

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Here me discussing a serious matter
Need everyone’s support
Guy’s a girl in our group was a good friend of us I guess a good actor She was with us as she didn’t have a friend of her school life with her at that time we tried to accommodate her in our group and welcomed her in our group we Supported her and Tried our best to build a good friendship well a few months later I received a text message from one of my owns In that it was written that The Girl named ramsha Is doing the hell things It is even not tolerate able She is leaking pictures of you all she is babbling against you and what not And sent me some screenshot I will attach in the next post Well I was exhausting and I called my best friend that told her each Nd everything and Asked her what to do well then I reached at a point that I must inquire about it Nd that’s what I did I tried my best to get the whole information about that accounts And I got the accounts The account name was Eshay Awan fake account of miss Ramsha Khan I calmed myself and called her I asked her that what was my fault she was like Maine nhi kia neha the account verification was wrong the IP address was but she is right�strange
Well She is leaking our picture to everyone Our snaps our numbers each and everything Kindly stand against her with us
Let’s make her social media accounts blocked
Stand with us
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