Opening Ranked Games for Genesis twenty-four hours

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Genesis ranked games are time locked. Because of this reason the community and the team behind the game wants a change immediately, to satisfy the playerbase and following their wishes to work the game to a successful way. 

Unfortunately the developers of Genesis, 'Rampage Games', doesn't want to open up the ranked queue times for a longer time (for example 24 hours) and want to limitize it to settled 8 hours, like it is in the current state. 

With the power of the Community and the Moderator Crew of Genesis, we want to change the Developers mindset of Genesis and this topic! 

Together as a unit, we can change something! 


1. To Rampage Games on the denial of opening ranked games for twenty-four hours seven days a week due to player base.

2. Your petitioners therefore request the availability of opened ranked games for twenty-four hours seven days a week no matter what the player base is.


[This petition is totally free-2-sign. If this website ( asks you to pay, it is to promote the website.]