Stop demeaning India Start respecting it. Stop using unparlimentory language in politics.

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Now a days politicians are indulging in all sort of unparlimentory language to achieve their political ambitions of reaching and securing better position in Parliament. Which is setting up a wrong trend and deteriorating the global image of our country.

Strict action should be taken against anybody irrespective of their present or past social or economic status to set an example. So that no one else dare to repeate.

Personal story
During the recent past, senior political leaders like Rahul Gandhi started abusing the Prime Minister by calling him "Chor" (Thief) in his public rallies and news conferences taking him as the ideal being the senior most leader of opposition, people down the lane till a common man, without even knowing why such words are being used and what can be the impact and repercutions of it on the global image of the nation.
We have already fallen so low in terms of such language bein used, and if no required action taken immediately then I am afraid we will be unable to use the phrase "please use parliamentary language " to correct our next generations on language part