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With due respect, I have written this letter as a responsible parent and a PTA member of the school whose assurances and promises accord the highest honour to a girl but where she and her parents are blamed for cruelty meted out to her. As per my knowledge this is not the first case of sexual harassment in the school . But what is more shocking is the attitude that the Management , the Principal , the Political leaders have shown towards these cases and the rape victim .

Through this letter, I would like to draw your attention to the attitude that people and particularly, the management , the principal have towards rape victims.

Instead of victimizing and dishonouring the accused, the management has been blaming the victim , a three year old victim , who can't even speak properly . The Principal has blamed the victim's mother of having a wrong intention of black mailing the management  They even tried to prove that the girl was lying and making stories .

The remark about the mother's deleberate drama and blackmailing  is barbaric and illogical. It shows the mental level of the management and the principal . THE MANAGEMENT AND THE PRINCIPAL should be asked to do a compulsory study on human relations , motherhood .

The Principal and the management should also be asked to educate themselves before speaking up and doing course on rape studies and psychology of the rapists .

Rape and eve-teasing cases can be reduced by changing the attitude of the people and the police. Most of the victims do not go to the police because of their insensitive and harassing attitude. If the police force becomes serious, the rape victim would at least not be ashamed; which she should anyway not be, as it is not her fault that she got raped. If the police become serious, the rape cases would definitely reduce as instead of victim blaming, they would go after the accused. Giving excuses and directions to the girl and her mother is not only demeaning to them but also encouraging to rapists who can easily get away with the charge.

It is a sincere request to the Management and the Police to kindly work in this direction towards ensuring the protection of the girls . It is unacceptable that the school which is run officially by women, with the Principal being a woman, treats them in such a horrendous and barbaric manner. This is pathetic and extremely disgusting !! And most importantly a concrete action must be taken against the beast who snatched the childhood innocence of a three year old girl . Hang the culprit to teach the lesson to other predators who are on the prowl .

Vijay Salunke ,

Malad ( East ) , Mumbai .

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