No Mercy for child rapist. Hang immediately

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The effects of rape in particular are devastating not only to the victim, but to the world around them. Rapists are no more dangerous than murderers. They force people into exposure of diseases, impregnating women, and often beating their victims to near death all for their sick and twisted pleasure. Why would anyone think they don't deserve to die? Letting them live means we are sending all rapists a message that society accepts them. We shouldn't. That's not a society I want to live in. The Murderer/ Rapist Holocaust should commence immediately!

Rape is using violent force to violate another human beings freedom to choose who they can and can not have sex with.

I will list few of the arguments of people against capital punishment as numbers and then explain why they are all wrong in my rebuttal.


1. The defender says that punishment for crimes should not be proportional to the severity of the crime. Rape doesn't kill people, so they shouldn't die as their punishment.

Rebuttle: Rape kills people. Women can die of exhaustion from being raped. Women can become pregnant which can kill them. Some women kill themselves after being raped or live in fear the rest of their life. Many women are threatened with death from the perpetrator or gang members they are associated with and have to enter a witness protection program and leave their families which ruins their lives. Some women will get STD's which ruin their love lives. When your entire life is ruined and you don't enjoy living, you are not really alive anymore, you are dead on the inside. Women can have there wombs destroyed making it impossible to make babies and killing her ability to create life.


2. Innocent people get convicted of rape and therefore we should not have the death penalty for rape.

Rebuttal: False convictions in court are a completely separate problem from the law itself. Innocent people are convicted of all kinds of crimes. According to this logic we shouldn't have any laws, because they might get innocent people killed or in jail.


3. These people have good intentions or are ignorant. They may be mentally unstable or desperate for sex or even have uncontrollable sexual urges. Part of them knows that they are doing something wrong, but they just can't control it. Some people rape as a spur of the moment thing that they don’t plan.

Rebuttal: The intention of the rapist does not matter. All that matters is the consequences of their actions. It doesn't matter if you are mentally challenged and don't understand right and wrong. It doesn’t matter if you planned it ahead of time or planned it in a few moments.

If the punishment is strict enough, rape can be prevented. When an evil man is feeling very sexual and has the opportunity to rape, having a strict punishment can prevent the rape from occurring. The effects of rape are very long-lasting and cause many suicide cases, therefore death penalty is the only way out.