INDIA Demands Resignation From Prime Minister Narendar Modi #IHOGROUP

INDIA Demands Resignation From Prime Minister Narendar Modi #IHOGROUP

1 May 2021
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Started by IHO GROUP

Demanding resignation from PM Modi is not politicising the issue. We must understand that the situation has arisen because of the political decisions. BJP Government had one year to be better prepared for the situation and yet when the crises was at the door Prime Minister was busy campaigning in Bengal while totally ignoring the situation. But demanding resignation without a solution to address the current situation might create a situation of complete anarchy. It is of utmost importance today that public policy experts come together and plan about setting up a provisional committee of experts along with proposing a provisional Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers. This is the time we should firmly demand resignation from our Prime Minster to save India from current and future mishaps.

The outbreak of the second wave of Covid-19 in India has brought to light the sheer incompetence of the the Narendra Modi led BJP Government. It has no accountability whatsoever about the measures taken by the Government to be better prepared in span of a year.

These are some of the intentional or unintentional blunders of the Modi Government since the outbreak of Covid-19 in India:

During the First Wave:

When countries were shutting down borders and not allowing flights from foreign countries, PM Modi invited former US President Donald Trump to campaign while totally ignoring the necessity to start preparing for Covid Response.
On 24th March a nationwide complete lockdown was announced without the prerequisite planning which cause a nationwide chaos. 
It was a nightmare for the migrant workers, who couldn't survive in the cities due to lack of income. No special arrangements were made for these migrant workers to help them safely reach their homes.
Made unscientific and baseless claims about making India Covid free in 21 days.
Despite there being a Prime Minister National Relief Fund for such unforeseen emergencies, Modi started PM CARES Fund and asked for donations from the people. PM CARES is a private fund, details of which are not available in public domain. PM has not been honest about the total funds collected and how the funds are being utilised. The details of this fund cannot be procured under RTI.
Health Ministry endorsed Patanjali's Coronil as a preventive medication for Covid without any supporting scientific evidence.
During the Second Wave:

The PM doesn't have any answers about the measures taken in last one year, amidst the lockdown, to prevent the second wave of Covid-19.
The poor state of healthcare infrastructure and government's under preparedness is brutally exposed.
There are still no details about the utilisation of PM CARES Fund in Public Domain.
While the country is struggling for oxygen, ventilators and beds in hospitals, the PM was busy campaigning for elections in West Bengal.
The vaccines manufactured in India were exported before meeting the demand in India itself. Today there is a shortage of oxygen as well as vaccines.
The PM has not once informed the people about the measures that government is taking to tackle the current situation.
When India was seeing a surge of almost 3,00,000 cases and around 2,500 deaths daily, there was a full front page advertisement on leading national daily newspapers of PM asking citizens to join Kumbh Mela in huge numbers.
Special trains were arranged for Kumbh Mela, but no special trains were arranged for the migrant workers returning home last year.
Narendra Modi is the most incompetent Prime Minister in the history of India. The situation wouldn't have worsened to this extent if India would have a qualified Prime Minister. Expecting competency from PM Narendra Modi to tackle Covid-19 is like expecting a first grade student to solve derivatives and integrations. The situation demands an educated Prime Minister with the necessary scientific temperament. A Prime Minister who would prioritise healthcare, education, employment, environment and not just always be in a campaigning mode. #Imran khan Spoke Person Ihogroup!!!

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Signatures: 1,032Next Goal: 1,500
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