The need for offline exams in India

The need for offline exams in India

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Ramesh pokhriyal

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Offline exams are very important and crucial. We are the future of the country , online exams have effected our studies in some way or the other. Most students are getting above 90-95%, some deserve them, some do not.

If we don't give offline exams our marks and handwork wont be recorded as achievement and will not be valued. In the long run we will face difficulties to get proper job opportunities. We might have given our exams honestly but our honesty wont be valued. 

COVID-19 is very concerning but even doctors have supported to open schools. The education system in India is weak and has only reduced the syllabus, but we need to lean what has not been taught, or else we will have a void in our knowledge and will suffer for our own mistakes in future.

I have known many students and parents who are not afraid of COVID-19 during vacations but are afraid to go or sent their children to school for education where disciplinary is maintained. Are you guys afraid of COVID-19 or studying, ask yourself?

Please don't destroy your and our future just because your afraid of studying. We, the students are being affected drastically by this situation.

Please help me by signing the petition and sharing this with your friends. Our future depends on us not on COVID-19, let us shape our own future.  

74 have signed. Let’s get to 100!