CBSE: Include Climate Change in School Curriculum #GreenCurriculum

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With catastrophes like Amazon and Australia fires dominating international headlines and issues like water scarcity and deforestation plaguing India, problems causing as well as caused by climate change are all around us!

India had the highest number of climate deaths in 2018, but somehow most Indians don't even know what climate change is!

I am 16 years old, and I am scared about my future. If as children we are not taught about the climate crisis, and what we can do to stop this cycle of permanent damage to our planet in even the smallest of ways we can, there is no way we will live to see a green planet again. Sign my petition.

Schools and even parents still seem unaware of the importance of exposing their kids to nature from an early age. Climate change and global ecological breakdown is currently one of the greatest threats faced by humanity currently. Just a few loose mentions of global warming and deforestation in textbooks won't help - we need a comprehensive curriculum that not only creates awareness among kids about their natural world but also sensitizes them towards the beings that they share this planet with.

The one thing that you, me and all of us have in common is the one planet we share - and it's time we all do our bit to save it! If children are introduced to the concept of climate change and the climate crisis at an early age, they will already know what it is and its harmful effects on our environment.

By adding this to the curriculum, we will be able to reach many children across India, and make sure their voices are added to those wanting to protect nature.

This is why I have started this petition asking CBSE to add Climate Change to their curriculum.

It must include points such as -

  1. What is climate change and how does it affect us?
  2. How do humans contribute to ecological degradation, and information on the IPCC, the Paris Agreement, The Indian Wildlife Protection Act etc.
  3. Information about the natural world of India, common species of birds and animals and our national parks
  4. What are eco sensitive zones, protected areas and ramsay sites?
  5. Information on the legal remedies and courses of action to report the destruction of the environment
  6. Sustainable development and lifestyle

Like all the kids of India, I dream of a day when problems like air pollution and environmental degradation are mistakes of the past. When the clear blue skies stretch far and wide above us with the chirping of birds. When all the citizens of our nation stand together united in a fight to save our planet.

It's time our education helps inculcate a sense of connect and empathy towards the natural world within the children of today.

This is why I am asking for the inclusion of a comprehensive curriculum on climate change and the environment which strives to sensitize kids, create awareness and bridge the gap between man and nature. Sign the petition!

-Aman, along with Saher, Asees, Sachin