Petition for cancelling college exams in india

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During this time of global pandemic where people are concerned about their heaths Indian colleges are only concerned about conducting the semester and final examination not realizing the outcome of such actions.

It is our kind request as students to cancel the exams as we are concerned for our heath and safety, and taking exams within the next few months would to be good for us as it includes large gatherings.

As humans our first and foremost concern during such time is our health and safety and with regards to that and the current situation of the country as well as that of the world shows that the examinations throughout the country should be cancelled.

Many colleges of the country have yet not completed the syllabus and their only aim is to conduct exams so that they would be relieved of their duty not realizing the fact knowledge in far more important than just passing the exams and getting degree.

Cancelling the current exams and promoting us students is for the betterment and considering the current crisis, taking such action would the best and safest thing for millions of the students in this country.