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Sandy Hooda
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A large number of Children are losing interest in going to school and especially losing interest in their studies. Education to them is just a mundane day to day activity, rather than an exciting and invigorating learning opportunity.

Children feel it’s a chore to go to school every day, and often term their overall classroom experience as boring.

This is happening because children don’t find their learning interesting, since the way they are taught is not engaging. Children often cannot comprehend the essence of what is being taught to them. They are born curious problem solvers. Instead of helping them remain "out-of-the-box," education often shuts them inside a box. Sadly, most schools in India haven’t helped children fall in love with their learning experience. Rather, they focus on forcing children to listen, think, and behave in prescribed ways. When children have different personalities, traits, and skills, getting them all to fit into a single style of teaching is pointless.

Teaching children how to be imaginative in dealing with complex problems is necessary in order to make them successful and relevant for the workforce of the future. Today’s leading organizations are looking for people who are original thinkers and creative problem solvers. Recruitment practices have gone beyond checking how much a person knows to evaluating the belief system of the person and verifying how the person can apply knowledge into finding new and better ways of doing things.

Let’s all come together and revolutionize the education system in India. The time has come to demand student-centric teaching methodologies, that are based around progressive methods such as Problem-Based Learning, Inquiry based learning and experiential learning. Schools should make a shift from traditional rote-based learning to understanding the “why” and “how” of everything, and most importantly how their learning can be applied towards creating new ideas and finding solutions to real world problems. When the schools imbibe the love of learning in children, it sets them up for success in life.

We can create a generation of young-learners who love to learn, and will be relevant for tomorrow’s workforce.

Lets together revolutionize education and create an India of our dreams!