Formation of a permanent student union at NITs

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  •   Hello everyone, we are a group of alumni of NIT Raipur. Lately we have seen 13 deaths of students last year including 3 suicide in last 3 months at NITRaipur .
  • The most common reason that were found out were the students not hopeful to pass in exams and last case of Anges Sahu was the case of faculty not going to pass him in exams which would eventually result in him taking additional year to complete his degree. As autonomy is given to the college, lack of sensitivity is what lacking among most of the faculties towards the students.
  • There are enormous cases that we observed and experienced during college life in which some faculties set personal vendetta against a group of students or some specific students which may result in students having backlogs in exam, denying and delaying permissions like say not giving signatures on scholarship forms , project reports, journals, giving less marks in internal assessment, judging about personality, constant derogatory comments, etc. is what is faced by students who don't appear to be in good books of faculties. This puts lot of mental and psychological pressure on students which face constant pressure from parents, society and faculty. While not everyone go and commits suicide, the peer pressure faced by students make them think about their existence and hamper their personality development.
    Not listening to student griviences, not being reasonable to students, an arbitrary curriculum where not a single subject is finished completed by faculties, lack of sensitive environment, lack of labs, facilities, instruments are making students incompetent in their field of interest.
  • DSW office exist but we on our personal level has not seen it work for student's welfare. Other than this, lack of empathy for students, a constant authoritative behavior in any decisions making the environment vernulable, and of negativity around campus. The reason may be lack of students body which will represent student's will to the boards or department.Unlike other universities, there has been no student committee which place griviences or problems faced by students to the board which is essential for a two way communication to solve this ambiguous problem. 
  • Talking about lack of facilities, it has been found that last three suicide cases happened with students living outside of the hostel. Hostel in the college is given on the basis of meritocracy where only a central hostel exists for students of 2nd 3rd and 4th year which accomodate only 15-20% of total students living 3 in one room on the campus. A hefty more than 3 / 4th students living outside campus which may hamper their time, their productivity especially students who are not local who need hostel so that they can persue group studies, make group, have an atmosphere of feeling safe inside campus but this is also denied from the time it was accorded status of NIT. Maybe a safety environment inside campus and a constant watch on campus may have avoided this mishap done by this students. 
  • Suicide / mental harrasment should be addressed at any college at an administrative level but the arbitrary and authoritative behavior of administration and especially departments and faculties towards students make it worse to address. A mindset of a student who feels it better to suicide rather that living in an environment of judgment, insensitivity, harrasment, and of parental pressure is a sign that something is going on is wrong.                                                      We strongly demand all the stakeholders and decision making body to -  
  1. Formation of a permanent student union that would place students' demands and grievances in front of administration as well as will serve as a method of checks and balances on the board. This body should be elected annually at the commencement of the new session. Special permanent election body which will conduct election should be formed and should comprise faculty and students of the final year respectively to oversee elections.
  2. Building up a new hostel on campus so that at least all the students can be accommodated inside the campus's
  3. Compulsory seminar / counseling for students to deal with mental harassment and a permanent psychologist / psychiatric counselor at the campus so that student to can deal with all kind of pressure
  4. Compulsory training for the faculty on behaviouralism and how to be sensitive towards students and to develop a positive dialect with students which should be organized by AICTE / MHRD. 
  5. A special board of faculty and student representative of the respective department to check decision making at the departmental level. Faculty should be nominated by DSW and representative by students Union.
  6. Status of report and action were taken at the college level over the incidents that should be made public on the college's official website.

Lastly we want to suggest that to really address the problems the system has to be perfect and without Biases. Biases will eventually lead to murdering the cause that we are actually standing for. For this we have some suggestions to ensure that it will not be a mere puppet master system. Student union should not be handpicked and selected as per the discretion of the faculty (say committee heads which has a good repo and has high level of contact with faculty. It should be first amongst the equals, directly elected by the body which is mentioned below .He would have a task cutout for him according to the constitution made for student union, which would be made by select student and faculty members body.
Some suggestions by our side in the constitution and working off student union which can be discussed and should be formed on the lines of this.   

     1) Hierarchy structure consisting of post of President (4th year B.Tech, M.Tech 2nd year B.Arch 5th year, general seat), Vice president (4th year B.Tech, M.Tech 2nd year B.Arch 5th year , reserved for female), secretary (3rd year student), members of faculty group, members of civil NGO's, member of PHD scholar, and 1-2 representative from every branch from 1st and 2nd year). The above mentioned will be the highest decision making body which will put demands and griviences of students to the administration.                                 

 2) Every elections should be held in 1st month of autumn session and all post will be filled for a time period of 1 year.                                     

  3) Elections will be held under the permanent electoral body which has been mentioned below 

  4) Politics of any matter is not allowed in the campus, student should talk about the day to day matter of importance related to academics, administration, etc.                             

5) All the demands should be peacefully addressed as well as solicited peacefully with full co operation from both faculty and union sides, no restoration towards violence we are here to study and place our demands not to play politics.               

 6) President and Vice President should be represented in every decision making meeting and all the decisions will be taken in agreement with the student union other wise that decision will be considered null and void and will not be accepted by anyone                                                                            

7) No right for the administration to ban / expell / dismiss / dissolve / dilute the student union and the members of the student union.              

8) Amendments in the student's union constitution only be done with the full consensus of student union as well as faculty member, any arbitrary amendment will be considered null and void .                                                                                                                                          

We feel that this are some of the many practical problems that we faced at some point in our college life but couldn't do but adjust to the same, but for the betterment of future students I request all the students stakeholders, scholars, civil societies , and common people   that if you ever suffered such a thing in your college life at any point of time then please don't hesitate and please stand up to sign this petition and make help us achieve a goal which will only blossom the future of NIT's / Engineering colleges in India because we can make a difference and we will make it .                                                               

And also to mention that this petition is open for suggestions, feel free to contact with your suggestions, feedbacks and share it so that it can reach our HRD ministry and PMO